PentaFit is your only choice for wellness.  Why?  Our award-winning five-sided approach, constant program innovation, compassion for our clients, and guaranteed results.

A guaranteed preventive care strategy for your company

Our wellness programs are tailored to meet your needs.  Consult with us to reduce your healthcare costs, engage employees, improve organizational culture, and streamline daily operations for success across the board.

Choose Success.  Choose PentaFit.

The Perfect PentaFit Program

$ 350

Per Program

  • For Individuals Seeking Change
  • A Tailored Fitness and Dietary Strategy
  • Guaranteed Results, Quantified Metrics, All at a One-time Fee

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Corporate Wellness Partnership Rates

$ 20

Per Employee Per Month

  • Contact Us for Special Rates and a Free Intake Meeting
  • Companies >20 Employees Enjoy Membership Benefits for $20 per employee per month
  • Organizations >50 Employees Receive a Rate of $15 per employee per month

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