PentaFit LLC: A Comprehensive and Tailored Wellness Approach 

Avoid the doctor's appointment you do not need. Skip the traditional "gym" approach. Get the answers and results from the best health and fitness professionals in Washington, DC.

Pentafit Health+Fitness Coaches, Nutritionists & PT Pain Specialists Have You Covered.

Tell us what you need and we will get to you right away to answer your questions, schedule your appointment and assessment, and help you as an individual or your group of employees succeed in all things health. 

Individual and Small Group Fitness and Nutrition

*Emai or call us now, and your health coach will contact you immediately to ask you about your goals and schedule your first appointment 

Wellness Programs for Goups Over 10

*We work with your company size and culture, adjusting rates accordingly and offering end-goal incentives for particiation and retention

Joint and Muscle Correction For Injuries and Athletes

*Your coach is by your side to make sure your inury or "tweak" is fixed and that your body stays healthy for your desired activities 

Are you ready to ask us a question? Lose a few lbs? Get back into cardivascular shape? Improve core and muscle growth? Reduce stress and improve overall lifestyle? 

Do it for you, for your group, for your workplace. Schedule Your Appointment With A Specialist on the PentaFit Team Now!

Amenity 1: Personal Health Support System

With your PentaFit coach, you always get personal care. We are not a gym, but an experience to acheive goals with a licensed professional boasting decades of experience in the field, and address what matters most to you. Our simple and effective dianostic system gives you the answers you need and enduring results with your program. 

Amenity 2: Consistnt Check-Ins with 24-hour Response Time

When you commit to your health and work with a PentaFit specialist, you can email or call us anytime to ask questions, get "homework," and address any problems you might encounter. This consistent check-in system helps assess and re-assess your progress towards your goal. These check-ins also help PT Pain Specialists diagnose and treat chronic join and muscle pain, or guide you away from recurring injury.

Amenity 3: Tailored Programs for Corporate Clients and Group Events

We love working with small and large groups. Our programs give all organizations access to the wellness amenities they deserve, with fewer doctor's appointments and more productive time at work. Engage your group in valuable and engaging programs ranging from individual consults, group seminars, and organization-wide challenges, with PentaFit by your side.  

Want the program on your terms, at your location of choice? No problem! We work with you to take your PentaFit Program On Site at your home or office setting if this meets your needs and lends to your goals in the best way. We also have a fully-equipped studio center for all clients to utlitize, conveniently located in the heart of Washington, DC. 

The options are endless! Get a face-to-face seminar, a fun workshop, or fully tailored program series with our health professionals. All you need to do is ask! We deliver corporate challenges, posture improvement classes, group nutrition workshops, biometric screenings, team building wellness events, and more. 

That's the PentaFit five-sided model.

Choose Success. Choose Pentafit.

Our Health+Fitness Coaches, Nutritionists, and PT Specialists aid those seeking help or advice without the doctor's office waiting room and unnecessary time and money spent in the gym or in the medical system. Individual memberships and large-scale Wellness Programs are both easily accomodated. Begin your PentaFit Program today. Contact us at 

PentaFit Corporate Programs and Accolades 

MineFit: Manufacturing Health and Safety | The US Chamber of Commerce Comprehensive Wellness From the Ground Up

National Academy of Sports Medicine Approved Course Provider | ASAE Power of A Silver Award Winner in Health Innovation

See what our membership clients say

Thousands of people are glad they chose success by choosing PentaFit.

“My Coach is a former collegiate swimmer and has a ton of experience coaching. I also really like her personality – she’s fun. can’t say enough good things.”

“When I injured both thumbs in a skiing accident my coach was able to pinpoint the sore area and relieve the pain, permitting me to work out without further difficulty.”

“Each time I train with my PentaFit coach, I become more and more impressed with the training methods. She somehow sees everything and knows which internal body parts must function to achieve the end result."

“The energy is contagious, and knowledge in exercise and health will humble you.”

"My torn rotator cuff has not curtailed my training because of my coach's expertise in that muscle group. The same with my aching left knee."

“Cares deeply about her clients and dedicates herself to their well being and continued improvement. She will fix and repair you, believe in you, care about you, motivate you and inspire you."

"It has helped me to run faster, smarter and injury-free with improved results and less effort.”

Choose Success. Choose PentaFit.