Our needs analysis and forecast will afford you ample and sufficient data to move your wellness initiates using in-house staff only. This means engaging with a contractor will not be absolutely necessary because you will have comprehensive map of how to structure your programs and utilize amenities.

You will also have ample information regarding your healthcare and employee demographic, etc to predict your costs and savings for the next five years.

However, as you know, there remains a substantial administrative responsibility to be delegated to ensure that programming is successful in terms of participation and retention.

If you choose to contract with PentaFit and delegate the administrative responsibility to our team, you will receive a 100% credit of the needs analysis fee towards your annual retainer fee.

Additionally, we have projected your annual fee will be off-set by the credits and savings you will receive via wellness initiatives, incentives, and use of amenities.

There is also a quarterly option for our programs, toward which we credit 50% of the needs analysis upon agreement for Q1, and an additional 50% for agreement to Q2.

 Download case study needs analysis example.