The New Corporate Wellness:

Tailored Design. Quantifiable Approach. Guaranteed Results.

  • Attract top talent when hiring new employees via perks and employee services
  • Provide employee amenities to keep high rates of presentee-ism and productivity in the office
  • Lower your premiums costs to make employer-based insurance programs appealing and affordable
  • Reduce costly and time-consuming doctors visits for simple fixes like joint pain and common colds

PentaFit programs are not standardized.  We don’t do the “one-size-fits-all” method.

Our approach is completely tailored to your needs, and we measure results by achieving specific participation and retention rates… and a maximally productive workforce.  The PentaFit Team works directly with your HR department and your healthcare provider to examine your wellness needs and preferences.

Please use our Contact Form below to reach out to use directly, and Read the Needs Analysis Section, to start your New Wellness Design.