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The Perfect Workout… in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

Abs 500

This workout was the brain-child of one particular PentaFit member’s self-loathing about never having a flat stomach despite years of effort!  Performed 4 days a week for one month, the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. 

*Should Take Under 13 Minutes to Complete


Crunches: legs down, and bent at the knee, feet flat, elbows out of the peripheral vision behind the head

Toe touches: both legs up straight and locked in the air, right hand behind the head, 20 reaches toward the shoelaces, then switch arms.

Double leg lowers: hands and back and head pressed down, lift both legs up straight and locked in the air, then lower down and try to keep the entire spine pressed against the floor at all times. 

Alternating leg lowers: same goal and starting position as the previous exercise, just lower one leg down to the floor until the heel touches then lift it and switch legs. 

Bicycles: begin with both hands behind your head and legs up with knees bent toward your chest.  Touch your left elbow to your right kneecap, and simultaneously extend your left leg, and touch your left elbow to the floor on the left side of your body.  then alternate.  the goal is rotation!

Russian twists – sit upright with a flat spine and your legs down and bent at the knee.  lean back with a flat spine, then rotate the head, shoulders, chest ,and upper back from left to right, trying to keep the kneecaps close to each other and legs immobile. 

Here we go…

50 crunches

40 toe touches

12 double leg lowers

20 alternating leg lowers

40 bicycles

40 russian twists 

12 double leg lowers

40 crunches 

30 toe touches

30 alternating leg lowers 

12 double leg lowers

34 bicycles 

40 crunches 

30 toe touches 

40 russian twists 

…Finish the Abs 500 with 60 “crescendo” exercises

40 flat leg crunches (20 per leg.  instructions are to keep legs flat and stacked heel-to-toe, switch at 20 reps, and try to keep as much of the body flat as possible as you lift head and shoulders and shoulder blades up.  The goal is to target the entire abdominal complex)

20 bent leg lowers (instructions are to lift legs up and bent at the knee, then lower the legs down as one unit, keeping spine completely and totally flat, thinking of legs as locked but dead weight, hoisted up and down by the abdominals).

Calisthenic 400

This workout is perfect for the traveling professional or simply a gym-free workout. It has been prescribed to individuals who have an ever-changing schedule, but the motivation to adhere to an exercise program no matter what! It can be performed once or twice through, and should include little to no rest in between exercises.

*Should Take Under 13 Minutes to Complete

50 squats with feet just beyond hip width apart, toes and heels aligned

20 pushups with hips high and weight on the balls of the feet

40 front lunges alternating legs, keep pressure in the heel of the front lunging foot

15 each leg lift 12’ raise ups, while in a plank hold on your elbows

10 each side single leg balance toe touches while looking straight ahead

15 side plank dips each side, option for position on elbow or hand

40 side lunges alternating legs, keep the hips back and knee behind the toes

60 crunches with legs up in the air and bent at the knee

20 squats performed on the balls of the feet, with heels up at all times

30 alternating leg lowers laying on your back, starting with both legs straight up

10 each side tabletop position, extend opposite arm and leg then tuck together

20 squat jumps, with a soft landing, preparing for the next jump 

20 split squat jumps, beginning with feet split from front to back, and jumping to swap 

Core Stability 300

This workout is fantastic for treating and preventing back and joint discomfort, maximizing abdominal, back, and upper body endurance and stability, and minimizing time spent moving from machine to machine in a gym…it’s all on the mat!  

*Don’t focus on time per exercise for this workout, it should be focused on bracing and holding the core and making the repetitions precise.  However, it typically takes no longer than 14 minutes.  

15 each side tabletop position, extend opposite arm and leg then tuck together

10 per arm, alternating shoulders taps to the opposite shoulder in pushup position

15 per side supermans, opposite arm and leg reach up and out while laying on tummy

15 per side single leg bridges, raising both hips up on one leg, laying on back

15 per foot side to side tap while holding front plank on elbows

15 per side top leg lift ups 12’ while in side plank on elbow

10 pushups with three second hold while in pushup, depth of pushup is variable

20 alternating leg raises laying on back, holding head and shoulders off of the ground

10 per arm reach outs while in plank on elbows elbow, keep hips square

20 arm arcs/snow angels overhead, laying on stomach, legs together but clenched tight

15 each knee, tuck to the chest, holding pushup position

10 per side, hip dips while holding side plank on the hand, arms straight

Flexibility 200

This easy and quick active flexibility workout is ideal for the traveling or commuting worker who wants to get a warmup prior to the workday or unwind after a long day of travel. 

*This is not a time-specific workout, but rather a way to release from a day of stress or heavy travel.  45-60 seconds per exercise is the recommended time.

10 forward bends with flat spine, until palms reach the floor, bend knees as needed

10 per side cross-body overhead reaches, as if reaching for an object on a high shelf

12 deep squats with an 8 second hold per squat

12 per leg single leg extension behind you, folded from waist, arms parallel to floor

12 per side cross-body reaches at chest level, focus on mid-trunk rotation

15 wide squats while holding arms overhead

5 per side, hold your foot up behind the body for 10 seconds to stretch your thighs

15 squats holding leg and knees together

10 leans each side, in a half-kneeling position, while stretching arms overhead,

10 seated straight legs extended on the floor, flat spine, fold from waist 3 second hold

10 same seated position, arms behind the head, turn head R and L 3 sec each

Plyometric 100

This workout should not be done without previous warmup. Take care to land softly, and have fun bouncing around for a high calorie burn and instant exercise effect.

This section is meant to be performed in under 7 minutes, with 15-20 seconds rest between exercises. Have fun!

20 squat jumps, with a soft landing, preparing for the next jump 

15 up-downs starting from standing, crouch and throw feet back, then return to standing

15 split squat jumps, beginning with feet split from front to back, and jumping to swap 

10 per leg single leg lateral hops both right and left 1-2’, starting from a center position

15 full burpees – an up-down but with a pushup and a jump in the air on each repetition

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PentaFit Team President, structuring and overseeing the design of wellness program designs.

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