Your PentaFit Program Begins With You.

(We just help take you to the finish.)

See some examples of individual training programs below, and send us a note:  to tell us what is best for you.  Set your goal, ask us your question, and we can go from there.  From Joint Rehab to Triathlon Champ, we have you covered.

Triathlon Training

Racing your triathlon can be an alluring, intimidating, daunting, and exciting task…all at the same time! Whether it is your first time racing or you are a seasoned triathlete, yor PentaFit Coach will guide you through preparation for your first race and help you progress at the pace you desire.

Our program designs are structured to accommodate your schedule, ability level, and personal race goal. Whether your goal is guaranteed performance or to finish with confidence, you have the option to have your coach on-site to guide or join you during your event, or be waiting a the finish line.

Start training, and order a complimentary, custom performance training shirt to let you sweat in style.

Swimming Instruction

PentaFit swim instruction utilizes a proven design based on cues, drills, and “dryland” cross-training to ingrain proper technique with clients of every age and skill level.  Our coaches have decades of experience and can take you to the next level for your race or bring you up to speed with a non-impact form of intense cardiovascular exercise.

Road Races

Don’t Run to Train…Train to Run.

Our coaches teach clients how to run smarter, eliminate joint stress, avoid injury during training, and manage a training schedule in conjunction with busy lifestyle.

If it’s your first 5k race, we can get you to the finish line…marathon program design? No problem! We have you covered and injury-free.

Email us to get a few  examples of successful program designs for a first-time marathoner and a seasoned athlete looking to rehab and run again.

Improve Core and Eliminate Back Pain

Sedentary behaviors are ever-present in today’s world and can be a recipe for disaster for our lower backs and core.  No one is immune to the struggle of counter-balancing this environment, even though we all strive to be strong and pain-free.

A PentaFit coach will teach you to build and maintain a solid core and eliminate lower back pain so that you are productive and pain-free in the workplace and at home.

Joint Replacements and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Prepare you for your operation with appropriate strength and stability exercises to hasten your recovery.  Gain your strength back and excel through your PT recovery program – whether it be hip, knee, rotator cuff, or other issues which require PT attention.