Meet the Team!

Monica Pampell Pentafit 2018Monica Pampell

President and Program Director |

Monica Pampell leads the PentaFit team, structuring and overseeing the design of wellness program designs. She serves in several capacities within the organization, constantly communicating with her team and contracted partnerships to ensure guaranteed success in each client program, activity, and initiative.

Her duties include:

  • Communicate directly with the client and be available for questions and program modifications as the program progresses
  • Coordinate with health insurance companies to optimize the spending of preventive care dollars which fall under the client’s premium plan
  • Perform group speaking events at offices, conferences, and conventions
  • Help design individual program designs for specialized goals, medical conditions, etc
  • Delegate consistent client check-ups to team members to ensure constant contact and source of accountability for clients

Jessica Lendi Dickson

Head of Administration |

Ms. Dickson is our Lead Administrator, taking charge of client communications in the form of interfacing with clients and creating and revising content to be distributed to employees. She has a strong background and education in writing legal documents, performing in-depth revisions and analysis, and organizing client calendars and logistics.

She conducts needs analysis’ and surveys, and ensures that client questions and email inquiries all receive a 24 hour response time. Those clients who choose an employee email “helpline” program design to prevent unnecessary healthcare and workers compensation claims will get a fast reply thanks to Jessica’s diligence and PentaFit’s vast array of research-backed health information.

Torre Johansen

Social Media and Creative Director |

Ms. Johansen earned a degree in Public Health from the University of Cincinnati.  She has a great aptitude for spreading fitness and nutrition information through multiple social media threads: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and client intranet feeds. She also works as a direct interface with PentaFit clients in the daily operation and facilitation of wellness programs, specific each client.

Ms. Johansen can field specific client questions and act as an open ear and resource for creative needs within each organization, as her speciality is adaptation using ubiquitous healthcare and public policy in conjunction with an mastery of human behavior and motivation.

Her personal passions are fitness and nutrition and she spends each day on her personal fitness improvements while she is not serving others.

Our Partnerships

PentaFit partners with other vendors in our area to make sure your program is optimized and that your needs are met.

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Composition ID 

DEXA scanning, baseline-follow-up body composition testing, hormone testing to identify and optimize your balance.

Bike Fit By Smiley

Custom bike fitting and training for your fastest ride!

Potomac River Running Company 

Gait coaching, road race events, workshops for runners.

Nutritional Specialists and Trainers

Addressing individual goals and building your fitness and nutrition program.