About PentaFit

PentaFit constantly works to innovate and re-define the scope and practice of preventive care. Formed in 2011, our work helps people understand what “wellness” really means in practice for individuals, groups, and entire organizations. This is especially important as we navigate the healthcare system.

PentaFit programs are unmatched by any other wellness design. Guaranteed success across the board by contacting us today.


PentaFit is dedicated to a comprehensive and tailored approach to wellness. Our five-sided model is scalable to client size and scope. Our mission is to improve the lives of our participants within the workplace, and at home with family. Each program specifically addresses clients’ needs, goals, lifestyle, and culture.

This tailored and comprehensive approach to wellness produces guaranteed, tangible, and enduring results.

Organizational and Workplace Health

Understanding the demands of today’s workplace and culture is paramount to combining a healthy environment with a maximally productive one. PentaFit begins its corporate wellness strategy with this in mind.

After a complimentary, extensive client-specific research on needs, culture, and scope, we can build your GUARANTEED tailored program around these factors.

The PentaFit Model includes engagement on-site. We ensure high participation and retention rates and guarantee that your employees are happier, maximally productive, and cognizant of healthful habits.

Our programs boast 85% retention rates, with quantitative analysis of health and wellness data to ensure success across the board.

Speaking Events 

Whether you are a visiting conference group, a local office workshop series, or team-building seminar, your event will be fun, informational, and unique. Our events goals, regardless of topic selection, are: self-betterment, satisfaction, and motivation at the event conclusion.

There is no wellness topic left untapped when choosing the one which resonates best with your audience. All you need to do is select a topic or theme, and we will tailor it to your group.

Please call us at 202-930-5FIT for a list of speaking topics, or email info@pentafit.com